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~ FerretGirls Ravings ~

~ FerretGirls Ravings ~ -

Tim & Don - a- Thon - March 12, 2008

Thank you to all the people who voted in my poll. All and all I now have 9 people who are willing to participate in a Tim & Don - A - Thon!I went ahead and made tim_don_a_thon. It's not graphically pretty or anything (I suck at that), and I may have to work on the rules, but it's a start!The majority of the people voted for April. Therefor I chose to hold it from April 14th till April 30th 2008. (This may change)It will be held similar to 'Winter of Wes', since that option got most of the...

Poll Time! - March 10, 2008

I'm not expecting a lot of responses, but I thought I'd give it a try anyhew.View Poll: Fica-Icon-a-thingyExplanation about Winter of Wes: This will last a month, or two months. During that time the artistwriter is given a date which will then become 'their day'. They have the entire day on that date where they can post anything they've writtencreated. Which means you are free to do as you like as opposed to given promptswriting for someone else. This would include anything from fanfiction, to..
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