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GOD'S TROMBONES - April 14, 2003

"The Crucifixion"Jesus, my gentle Jesus,Walking in the dark of the Garden-Saying to the three disciples:Sorrow is in my soul-Even unto death;Tarry ye here a little while,And watch with me.Jesus, my burdened Jesus,Praying in the dark of the Garden-The Garden of Gethsemane.Saying: Father,Oh, Father,This bitter cup,This bitter cup,Let it pass from me. Jesus, my sorrowing Jesus,The sweat like drops of blood upon his brow,Talking with his Father,Oh, Father,Not as I will,Now as I will,But let thy...

wonderful WHO - April 10, 2003

THOUGHT: "People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others" (Pascal, Pensees 10). "We will live either the examined or the unexamined life...the examined life is better" (James Sire, The Universe Next Door, 18). WORD: "I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know him, so that, with the eyes of your heart...

The Technology Generation Gap - April 4, 2003

&147;Because of young people&146;s appetite for such devices, we are likely to see an even greater shift toward devices that &145;do it all&146; &150; compact computers equipped for mobile Internet connections, cell phones that receive and transmit real-time visual images, and vast music and movie libraries on portable and home-based technologies. What remains to be seen is in what ways technology will continue to alter the generational personalities of Busters and especially Mosaics. In what...

BE STILL, MY TONGUE - April 3, 2003

THOUGHT: Pascal remarked, "Do you wish people to believe good of you Don't speak" (Pensees 44). My Nana, quoting a traditional proverb, used to warn us, "A still tongue makes a wise head."   WORD: "Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue." Proverbs 17:28 "When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." Proverbs 10:19   DEED: Today, Lord, help me to hold my tongue.  Just for today, Lord, may i...


What if we were to create "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" clubs, invite all the people on our block or in our building and, once a month, organize and execute group volunteer projects For example, once a month we could volunteer to serve at a local soup kitchen. or spend the morning on the local Habitat For Humanity project We could even take a walk together and clean up our section of the reservoir. Nothing like a nice walk to spark conversation...

WORLD RELIEF - April 2, 2003

THOUGHT: I'm just one. How can i do anything to help my war-torn world   STUBBORN OUNCES  You say the little efforts that I make will do no good: they never will prevail to tip the hovering scale where Justice hangs in...

God's Word, Not Ours - April 1, 2003

Do you think it would be possible to open our homes for weekly neighborhood prayer gatherings that are not restricted to "CHRISTIANS ONLY" Can we or should we as followers of Jesus open our homes and our hearts to those who do not yet hear his voice And what if, instead of a pre-packaged study of God's Word, we chose to allow the Word to speak for itself through experiences like Lectio Divina The Challenge: Do we really believe that God is big enough to reveal himself to our neighbors...

CROSS RHYTHMS - April 1, 2003

Ever heard of a "Christian" rave Probably not. But Ictus Ichthus Productions (of which my daughter Crystal is a part) is a ministry determined to provide a drug-free, alcohol-free environment for those who love the rhythms of the Rave. Cross Rhythms When: Friday, May 2, 2003  - 7pm -2am Where: Cedar Ridge Community Church, Spencerville, MD Cost: $10 Ages: 15 years and older Who's Spinning: Frankie Vibe (gospel house)  Stephen Christopher (progressive)  Rapture Man (houser.

Parent Warrior - April 1, 2003

In January of 2000, while wringing my hands with worry over my oldest child's rebellion, i stumbled across a book in my church's bookstore: Parent Warrior by Karen Scalf Linamen. I devoured the pages (and the concept of praying the scriptures for my kids) and began a computer journal in which, over the last three years, i have typed many "personalized" verses. Praying the scripture for my children has helped me to hold out God's hope- far bigger than my own- on both the easy and..
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