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This site is not about politics, economics or current events. No it has nothing to do at all with the intelligence nor does it show the (non-existent) writing talents of the blog owner. It is simply a BLOG.

Another chance - November 27, 2007

It must have been my youth or childhood I must have done something good! This song lyrics from the "Sound of Music" sung by Julie Andrews kept repeating in my head as I was on my way home this morning after I had the unfortunate accident....

The Face Behind the Blog meme... - November 26, 2007

Cheh, the Moderately Confused Pinay in Deutschland one upon a long, long time ago tagged me on this one. I promised her I would post mine up as soon as I could. The soon part took much, much longer than I thought. Realizing that the year...

Lose weight the "fast" way... - November 23, 2007

I had the chance to experience the richness of Algarve. The wonderful cliffs that we walked through for days, not to mention the coastline where our afternoon siestas were spent was truly wonderful. Hubby and I registered in a "Fasten und...
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