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Another Malayalam film comes to Telugu - (Found June 24, 2008 )

The dubbed versions of Telugu films are these days enjoying immense popularity in Malayalam. Fortunately, the exchange of films is a two-way process between these languages.

Trisha curtails her activities... - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Trisha has finally decided to become very serious about her image. She is now going out of her way to avoid gossips.

Nisha Kothari switches to Telugu - (Found June 24, 2008 )

After completely destroying her image in Bollywood, thanks to a series of flops and a bit too excessive glamour, Nisha Kothari is now turning her attention to Tollywood with a vengeance.

Lawrence becomes object of ridicule - (Found June 24, 2008 )

There was once a time when being multi-talented was considered an asset. But, in dance choreographer-turned-actor-turned-director-turned-music director, it might soon become a curse.

Media owes apology to Genelia - (Found June 24, 2008 )

For obvious reasons, we aren't using the name of the hero or the actress involved in this incident. The central male character in the incident is a young Boy hero who is now becoming very popular in Telugu and is desperately trying to gain a foothold in Hindi too. As soon as he got into films, he had got married to his college sweetheart (he is an MBA degree holder, but doesn't look like it). His first film in Tamil flopped and he switched to Telugu. Soon afterwards, rumors of trouble in his...

'Basic Instincts' comes to Telugu!!! - (Found June 24, 2008 )

More than a decade ago, in Hollywood, they made a film that made Sharon Stone a household name around the world. Now, attempts are on to Indianize the film and remake it in Telugu!!! The film had created lots of controversies in Hollywood for its very revolutionary story of a bisexual female writer who is also the main suspect in a series of murders. A police officer who interrogates her ends up falling in love with herof course, the suspense is revealed towards the end of the film.

Karishma Kapoor on comeback mission - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Kajol has already made a very successful comeback after a marriage and a baby. Sridevi is trying to make a comeback for some time now. Madhuri Dixit made an astonishing comeback with her film 'Aaja Nach Le'. Now, Karishma Kapoor is going ahead with her plans to make a comeback. The actress had been through some big marital troubles. She is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl.

Kamlini struck in flop series - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Everybody in Kollywood is now wondering if Kamlini Mukherjee produces hit films only when she works with director Shekar Kammula. It is her bad luck that the director doesnt seem to need her to make his films big hit at the box office. He had proved this with the phenomenally successful 'Happy Days'. But, things are not that bright with Kamlini. Her film with EVV had become a huge flop. She was removed from a Tamil film. Her 'Style' with Raghava Lawrence didnt do that well. 'Classmates' left a..

Don in trouble! - (Found June 24, 2008 )

'Don' is doing well at the box office, thanks only to Nagarjuna and his undiminished popularity. But quite a lot of people are very angry with the way its director had handled the film and the screenplay. The film is about a gangster with a heart of gold. A very vicious gangster from another area wants to take over his "territory" and soon a battle ensues...the film gives lots of possibilities for interesting screenplay, but Lawrence Raghavendra didnt seem to utilize them properly. He had...
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