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Bhavana goes abroad with shooting - (Found June 24, 2008 )

One of the advantages of acting in non-Malayalam films is that you get to travel abroad a lot of times.

Simran as comedian's heroine!!! - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Simran is either very much impressed by the story of the film or she has become very much desperate to regain a foothold in the Tamil film industry.

Kavya going to Telugu soon!!! - (Found June 24, 2008 )

It's raining films in Kavya's case. Just when the Malayalam film industry thought that she had come to the end of her career, she went on to star in a Tamil film, which happened to be the remake of the Malayalam hit film 'CID Moosa'.

Return of the Moms!!! - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Bollywood is suddenly becoming more and more curious to bring back heroines from semi-retirement. These actresses get married, quit the industry and go away to raise a family. Most of them return after a few years, but until now, the industry was very unkind to them. Things are dramatically changing now. Things are slightly different in the case of Malaika Arora Khan. Even when she was very much in the industry, she had got married to one of Salman Khan's siblings and had a baby. The actress..

Kaveri impressed with Jayasurya's performance... - (Found June 24, 2008 )

After marriage and a kid, Kaveri has now returned to Malayalam, this time only as an actress. One of her future plans includes dubbing and releasing hit Telugu films in Malayalam. 'Kangaroo' is the name of the film in which she is playing the role of the second heroine. Prithviraj and Kavya Madhavan are the lead pair. Jayasurya is the second hero.

Mirchi spends 1 crore for 'Chocolate' - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Probably for the first time in the history of Malayalam cinema, the remake rights of a film is being sold for a massive Rs 1 Crore, which is more than half the budget of a typical Malayalam film. Mirchi Movies has created this record. The production company has bought the remake rights for all the Indian languages for a massive Rs 1 Crore. Officially, this is the first time that such a high amount is being paid for the remake rights of a Malayalam film.

'Happy Days' becomes popular... - (Found June 24, 2008 )

The year 2007 has suddenly opened the doors of Malayalam theatres to dubbed films from Andhra Pradesh. Until now, only Tamil films had a big market in Kerala. In most cases, the distributors didn't bother to dub the film in Malayalam due to similarities in the languages. But, things are changing now. Quite a number of films from Telugu had become fabulous hits in Malayalam. Initially, this was attributed to the fact that the heroines in these films were from Kerala. A number of these films had.

Asin more interested in Mumbai - (Found June 24, 2008 )

Now that Nayantara is back and more powerful that even before, it looks as if Asin is more interested in switching to greener pastures in Bollywood. The actress seems to have impressed Aamir Khan a bit too much because the actor had invited her for the premiere of his production, 'Taare Zameen Par'. At the function, she was the center of attention. As far as her career in Tamil goes, the actress will soon complete her 'Dasavathaaram' commitments. Her most recent release in Tamil was with Surya,.

Johnny Depp in Meera Nairs new film!!! - (Found June 24, 2008 )

The superstar of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Johnny Depp will be starring in the lead role in Meera Nair's new film 'Shantram'. Ironically, it is turning out to be both a blessing and curse for the film, if rumors are to be believed. Meera Nair is on cloud nine ever since Depp agreed to star in the film. But, for some unknown reason, the film's shooting has come to a grinding halt. This has started rumors that the film's lead actor was behind it. Rumors are on that he wasnt that pleased with...
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