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This blog has MOVED! - August 18, 2006

Do you want the good news first or the bad news first Ok. Here&8217;s the bad news: - this blog has moved. Now for the good news: - I bought a new site! It&8217;s - All posts from this blog have been successfully imported into the new blog! - The new blog isn&8217;t going to be a just a blog ...

Tron Guy, Leslie Hall, Peter Pan, Two Asian Guys - August 16, 2006

All the internet stars appear in this freakin ridiculously awesome video put out by Watch it NOW! In other news, I&8217;m the new biggest fan of Josh Leo and his vlogs.

tapioca mobile tour! - August 10, 2006

My experiments with audio and photo blogging have yielded tapioca mobile tour, which is comprised solely of mobile AV posts. AWESOME. I&8217;m still trying to figure out if I&8217;ll be able to cross-post to this blog, much like my video blog, tapioca visual tour. We shall see.

PodCamp 2006 - August 9, 2006

So I&8217;m going to half of Boston&8217;s PodCamp, an unconference for podcasters or podcast enthusiasts. It&8217;s on September 9 &038; 10 at BHCC, though I&8217;ll be spending one of those days at a wedding. Interested parties should sign up. It&8217;s free.

Moon over Carson - August 9, 2006

We drove down to the park at JFK last night and played Off-Road Tennis for a while before the bugs attacked. The courts were too full of unrelenting faux-athletes (&8221;I guess this is where all the white people go,&8221; DD said), and so we took to the grass, standing 100 feet apart and whacking those ...

Happiness is a long bike ride - August 6, 2006

Perfect day, great weather and a sunburn to show for it. After bacon-egg-&038;-cheese sandwiches, we went biking for hours &8212; through South Boston, all around Castle Island and the beach, then downtown, the financial district, the Common, the south end, back to Dorchester. I love humanity, and there was so much of it at Castle ...

A beautiful smile is always in style: Round 22 - August 1, 2006

So they popped off the bracket of my FIC (formerly impacted canine, now fully down) and recemented it in a higher position today (which involved that horrible contraption that pries your lips open to an embarrassing degree, and a spit-sucker, and tons of skinny intruments making odd, mechanical sounds). The tooth is minorly tilted to ...
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