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Premium Rate Numbers - Generate revenue from your telephone number - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Alpha Talk Premium Rate service enables you to generate revenue from your telephone number by charging customers to call you.This is fast becoming a growth area in telecommunications, you can earn a revenue from your customers upfront.

Alpha Talk UK: Global Telecom proceed's with technology- Article - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Global Telecommunications in today's proceed technology have led to swift growth and changeable degrees of specialization.

Alpha Talk UK: Communication Moved Into Telecommunication Era- Short Article - (Found August 15, 2008 )

In nineties, telephone and telegraph were invented and the communication entered into telecommunication era. Telephone and telegraph provided lightening fast mean of communication.

Virtual Switchboard Auto Attendant Telephone Numbers From Alpha Talk UK - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Alpha Talk UK offers Virtual Switchboard Service providing an automated answering service which does not have to be located on their own premises.

Scam Alert From Alpha Talk UK - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Alpha Talk UK have been advised of a new telephone fraud in operation and this applies to incoming calls only whether it is on your landline or your mobile phone.

Business Phone Services article from Alpha Talk UK - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Phone service plays a vital role in any business. It is very important to stay in touch with the clients all the time.

0845 Numbers UK - Article from Alpha Talk UK - (Found August 15, 2008 )

0845 numbers are the most competitive numbers in UK. 0845 numbers brings your business a national identity and make entire UK a local territory.

Toll Free Numbers - Article from Alpha Talk UK - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Toll Free Numbers allow callers to get in touch with your business without having to pay for the call themselves and increase response from your customers.

Alpha Talk UK: Master Account Holders - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Alphatalk UK offer a premier account and enjoy some tremendous savings on your ongoing line rental.

Telephone Fraud - Article From Alpha Talk UK - (Found August 15, 2008 )

Telephone in the wrong hands is also becoming a very effective tool to defraud innocent consumers.
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