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Codex and Population Control - September 14, 2008

I love my humans, and even though there are many humans who do harm to other humans and us animals, I still think this is a very evil undertaking to say the least. and I wouldn&8217;t wish it on anyone. I wonder what these people who are behind this sort of sinister undertaking will say ...

Milk Thistle and the Liver - September 10, 2008

As you all can see, I&8217;m beginning to not only show my age but actually feeling it as well. I&8217;ve had liver and kidney &8220;issues&8221; since I was a pup thanks to my former humans thinking food and water was optional for me. But thanks to my forever humans I just passed my ninth birthday, ...

Be Informed, Be Aware, Have Choices - September 7, 2008

Humans, this is a VERY serious albeit long newsletter from Natural Solutions Foundation. I see much more into this than what is being said here&8230;on an eternal perspective. Contrary to much popular belief not only do we animals know these things but we also live eternally. Our collective hope is that humans will realize what ...

Arthritis Indian Frankincense Herb & Rosehip Supplement Can Help - September 4, 2008

That&8217;s GREAT news for an older guy like me&8230;or ANYONE suffering from this immune-mediated disorder. And of course a good, natural diet and exercise too, WOOF! The news: Indian Frankincense Herb Shown to Relieve Osteoarthritis Symptoms Rosehip Supplement Eases Arthritis Pain Better than Painkiller Meds Have a pawsitively tail waggin&8217;, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF! A Dog&8217;s View is brought to ...

Toxic fragrances in cleaning products - September 1, 2008

Again, are you rrreally surprised I hope not if you&8217;ve read this blog for any length of time. Every time I blog on things like I get blasted from shall we say those with vested interests in these products. That&8217;s okay though, bepaws it must get shared, WOOF! I may just be a dog but ...
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