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TV Casting Makeover - September 17, 2008

Change her look and help her win the casting!

Jay's Trippin Dash - (Found September 17, 2008 )

Jump through the level grabbing cookies and dodging the smilies as they bounce.

Date Tonight Dress Up - September 17, 2008

You are having a date with the guy of your dreams tonight. Choose the outfit you think will impress him the most! Don't look too conservative, but don't look too boring!

Vantage Point Instant Recall - September 17, 2008

Can you remember the face and recreate it after it's disappeared

Virtual Makeover - September 17, 2008

Got the knack to visualize the perfect makeover Here's a virtual makeover to have fun playing with. Make a perfect look for this girl.

Monsters Of Rock - September 17, 2008

Become a Rockstar hero. Grab your guitar and lets get it on!

Toon Marooned - September 17, 2008

Aim your shooter, adjust power, and fire. If you're good you will hit the green floaties.

Mario 3 - September 17, 2008

Another Version of Mario Brothers and you have to finished all the levels to save your brother. Have fun

Yoko Ruta - September 17, 2008

This guy can't even jump! So help him to move barrels over holes.

Head Space - September 17, 2008

Fly your fighter jet and fire numerous types of weapons upon what seems a never ending barrage of enemy waves. Once you beat the initial wave of ordinary enemies (even the rain drops!), the real fun begins.
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