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Silent Night, Deadly Night - September 14, 2008

&8220;Ho-ho&8230; Uh-oh. Santa&8217;s coming to town for a holiday chopping spree.&8221; As a young boy I remember the response to the Silent Night, Deadly Night ads displayed in my local grocery store&8217;s video section. Parents quickly covered their kids eyes, complaints were made to the on-duty store manager, and little old ladies gave ...

Freddys Dead: The Final Nightmare - September 2, 2008

&8220;Freddy&8217;s worse fear Missing an episode of &8220;Desperate Housewives.&8221; That&8217;s why he upgraded his new glove with TIVO.&8221; You know you&8217;re getting old when 9:00 PM rolls around and you&8217;vealready started yawning. Your eyelids are getting mighty heavy whilewatching Antiques Road Show, and you&8217;re pretty winded from trying tofind your copy of Reader&8217;s Digest in the ...
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