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Pay attention to what you breathe - June 30, 2008

It is so hot outside that sometimes there is not enough air to breathe. The temperature outside at the moment is 30 degrees Celsius. Besides that the air has a tendency to get more polluted during the summer time than in winter. And if you mix the high temperature, the bad ecology - you receive a really bad air and your health will suffer from that. That is why more and more people pay attention

How to prepare a skin mask at home - June 28, 2008

Everyone knows that what is natural is always the best for your skin. A lot of women want to know how to make a skin mask at home. Here is a recipe of a skin mask. Possesses clearing and toning up effect. Components: 2-3 items of the spoon of cosmetic clay, 1 egg yolk, 5-6 drops of an olive oil, oils of a lemon or a chamomile, not aerated mineral water. A way of application: Fill in clay

Cellulite can be treated!!! - June 25, 2008

Cellulite - a problem which affects each normal woman... Cellulite - is forming with the time... Cellulite - is a problem of bad air and blood circulation... Cellulite - is a health problem... Cellulite - is hard to remove... Cellulite - is ugly... All these things above make a woman dislike her body, because of cellulite. Sometimes no matter what you do nothing helps you to remove the ugly

Is it time for marriage counseling - June 24, 2008

There are so many couples nowadays that plead for a divorce after several years of marriage. The statistics say that it is almost 40% for young couples. People try to save their marriage, but it is very hard when each is thinking only about himself. Thats why more and more people need to try marriage counseling. Marriage counseling is the procedure of reuniting your family; it gives you the

Fitness - June 22, 2008

Every person is probably less or more affected by the way he looks. More and more people everyday "work on their fitness" to obtain a result, to be beautiful, sexy, healthy and attractive. It is great that being healthy, sporty is so popular among people. Finally there is a purpose of having a healthy population. Try Hoodia and get healthy. By promoting sports on Television people pay attention

Herpes, genital herpes, oral herpes - June 22, 2008

Herpes is a serious problem, and millions of people suffer from it everyday. The main problem is that you can't really cure herpes once and forever. Even though it is possible to cure it, it is not always possible for each person. Once you got herpes you will be living with it forever. Herpes represent some skin pimples which appear on your body. Herpes can be different types, like: oral herpes

Heart problems - June 18, 2008

Nowadays because of many reasons, more and more people start having hart problems. I tried to put them all together so here they are: saturated fat food, less physical exercises, smoking, genetically disposed. All these gathering all together can easily bring to a heart attack. It is believed that man have heart problems more often that women. But nowadays a lot of women smoke too, and also

Acne - June 15, 2008

A lot of people all over the world suffer from acne. These problems usually start from high school, when the bodies of young people enter the pubertal period and the hormones create these changes in the teenagers bodies. Anything they try is not always useful because you have to do it wise. Skin care was always most important for women that is why they spend more money and time on skin care

Having problems with dry skin - June 14, 2008

Dry skin is very gentle. It is necessary to care of it, even sometimes to indulge it. Nevertheless, the motto for daily leaving such: it is less better, yes it is better. Because the dry skin not only is sensitive to neglect, but also does not love, that it overloaded with means of leaving or too often stuffed with new preparations. The small, precisely picked up program consistently spent every

What is in my Shopping cart)) pt 2 - June 14, 2008

Once i have already published a picture of my shopping cart, here is another one once again. milk beef peas coffee pickles carrot cream yogurt bread It is always interesting to check out what other people eat)
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