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GoogleAppEngine - July 7, 2008

z2008-07-04-HappyFourth - July 7, 2008

Happy FourthOfJuly! DaveWiner "is":http:www.scripting.comstories20080704independenceDay.html disappointed, both in ourselves and in BarackObama: From gun control to abortion, to illegal wire-tapping and funneling government money to religious organizations, the man who sold us Change You Can Believe In, it's sad to say, appears not to have believed in it himself. FredWilson "notes":http:avc.blogs.coma_vc200807thinking-abou-1.html growing disenchantment with Obama from his base. LaTimes...

N810AsPim - July 7, 2008

z2008-07-07-PencilProject - July 7, 2008

PencilProject "aims":http:www.evolus.vnPencil to deliver GraphDrawing and GUI prototyping via FireFox plugin. FireFox v3, not tested on MacOsX yet, apparently.

z2008-07-07-PollardReadingList - July 7, 2008

DavePollard "gives" his current GreatestBooks list.

z2008-07-02-IdenticaTwitterClone - July 6, 2008

"Is" IdentiCa "a":http:evan.prodromou.nameJournal14_Messidor_CCXVI "real":http:www.scripting.comstories20080702ohHappyDay.html OpenTwitter player Argh PHP. RussellBeattie "criticizes":http:www.russellbeattie.combloglet-the-microblogs-bloom the architecture in terms of ScalabilIty. LesOrchard "wants":http:identi.canotice33959 to integrate into it via "the" OpenMicroBlogging "standard".

WebCam - July 6, 2008

surveillance cameras

z2008-07-03-DoctorowOnionInterview - July 6, 2008

CoryDoctorow "did":http:www.avclub.comcontentnode81120print an excellent interview with TheOnion. LittleBrother and other topics. In the UK, here, we have RIPA, the Regulation Investigatory Powers Act, that's supposed to be exactly that, for catching terrorists. And it turns out that the number-one use of RIPA powers is local councils who use it to acquire the video-camera feed from private video cameras (WebCam), to catch people who let their dogs crap on the sidewalk. So literally the most...

z2008-06-24-NoServerPersonalWiki - July 6, 2008

DrDrang "wants":http:www.leancrew.comall-this200806my-no-server-personal-wiki-part-1 a server-free PersonalWiki. I think he really means he wants one that uses the FileSystem and not a DataBase. Plenty of WikiEngine-s work that way. He also rejected TiddlyWiki. "Part2":http:www.leancrew.comall-this200806my-no-server-personal-wiki%e2%80%94part-2 and 3 are available. Some StructuredWiki goodness.

z2008-06-24-NokiaSymbianOpensource - July 4, 2008

NokIa "is":http:www.readwriteweb.comarchivesnokia_acquires_symbian.php "buying":http:broadstuff.comarchives1055-Nokia-enters-Open-Source-OS-Race-Microsoft-next.html the bits of SymbIan it didn't already own, and taking the PlatForm OpenSource. RussellBeattie "doesn't":http:www.russellbeattie.comblogdo-mobile-os-platforms-matter think it matters.
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