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Buzzwords and NZ Beekeeping

Big problems with a tiny mite - (Found July 8, 2008 )

23 June 2006 The discovery of the varroa mite in the South Island has serious implications beyond the beekeeping industry, writes Tim Cronshaw. "Bugger". The expression slipped out of Kerry Norgate's mouth when the varroa word came down the phoneline on a black Friday morning. The news that every South Island apiarist had been dreading brought a sinking feeling to the Motueka semi- commercial beekeeper. Laboratory tests had come back positive for the varroa bee mite at his Stoke hives.

Varroa outbreak puts South Island honey in danger - (Found July 8, 2008 )

17 June 2006 By TIM CRONSHAW The South Island economy stands to lose $314 million unless a varroa bee mite outbreak in the Nelson area can be contained. Colonies of the bee-killing mite found in two apiaries near Stoke were confirmed in laboratory results yesterday. The outbreak has sunk hopes that the mite could be kept out of the South Island.

Varroa bee mite found in Nelson - (Found July 8, 2008 )

Friday, 16 June 2006, 5:29 pm Press Release: Biosecurity NZ 16 June 2006 Varroa bee mite found in Nelson A national surveillance programme for the varroa bee mite has detected affected hives at two sites near Stoke in the Nelson region, Biosecurity New Zealand senior policy analyst Paul Bolger said today. Varroa is an unwanted organism that kills bees. It was first detected in 2000 in Auckland. However, by the time it was detected it had spread too far for eradication to be feasible....

Extent of varroa spread in Sth Island, still not known - (Found July 8, 2008 )

Posted at 5:55am on 19 Jun 2006 Biosecurity officials say it could be the end of the month until they know how far the varroa bee mite has spread in the South Island. The parasite has been found at two sites in the Nelson region. More than 25,000 hives have been lost in the North Island since varroa was detected in Auckland in 2000.

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