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~this girl i think i use to know~

~this girl i think i use to know~ -

Nothing much to say - July 15, 2008

I'm still in Ohio. We've had a nice stay and it's going to be a permanent one after we get back to dallas, get things packed and loaded onto a U-Haul trailer and get it back up here. The next week I am going to get a storage unit and look at some apartments. I am hoping to find a place to be ready to move in to by the first part of September. I just need to know the area better and also be certain to check out the downtown area for living as well. We are going to head back to dallas either at...

What to do what to do - July 4, 2008

My headache is back. It's not as bad but it feels like it wants to get bad. My stomach is hurting and I am stuffed up and anxious as hell. I don't want to feel this way. I've been feeling pretty comfortable in my own skin, for the most part, for the last few weeks and I really want to get back to that place. I've also been drinking. I don't drink at all really anymore, but, lately I've been having a shot or two at night to relax and it helps me sleep... but then I wake up the next day feeling...

Choose Life (pretty much sums it ALL up for me) - July 3, 2008

Choose lifeChoose a jobChoose a careerChoose a familyChoose a fucking big televisionChoose washing machines, cars,Compact disc players and electrical tin openersChoose leisure wear and matching luggageChoose a three piece suit on hirePurchase in a range of fucking fabricsChoose D.I.Y and wonderingWho the fuck you are on a Sunday morningChoose sitting on that couch watchingMind-numbing, spirit-crushing game showsStuffing fucking junk food into your mouthChoose rotting away at the end of it...

If... - July 1, 2008

you want to know, all you have to do is ask
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