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Winston Justice Put In Jail For Poor Performance - October 3, 2007

10th-string Offensive Tackle Winston Justice was arrested yesterday for letting Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants attack Donovan McNabb repeatedly during one of the worst Eagles losses at the Meadowlands in recent memory. Philadelphia police have booked Justice on charges of aiding and abetting an opponent&8217;s gameplan, conspiracy to allow bodily harm to a delicate, ...

Tiki Barber Eats His Own Tongue, NBC Delighted - October 3, 2007

In a shocking development on NBC&8217;s Sunday Night Football, player-turned-commentator Tiki Barber ate his own tongue. When Chris Collinsworth asked the ex-Giants running back what his thoughts were about the game, Tiki replied, &8220;Wah-wah-wah-uh, wah-wah, uh-wah.&8221; Producers immediately cut to a commercial while they examined Barber&8217;s mouth and indeed discovered an empty hole. In a related ...

Vitamin Water Ends Endorsement Deal With McNabb - October 2, 2007

On Tuesday, the maker of Vitamin Water, Glacau, unexpectedly ended Donovan McNabbs endorsement deal with the company after thousands of Eagles fans complained that the water was largely ineffective, judging by the quarterbacks performance against the Giants this past Sunday night. President Mike Repole defended his companys product, saying Vitamin Water gives athletes the strength ...
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