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Les Phillie Miserables: One Day More! - September 30, 2007

The Lyrics

If I Were Michael Vick . . . - September 29, 2007

I&8217;d do as many drugs as humanlypossible. I would adopt a cute puppy and name him Pattycake. I would write any number of federal prisons and ask if they get DirectTV in HD with Sunday Ticket. I would advise little children against having friends who call themselves P-Funk. I would change my nicknamefrom Ookie to Ickie (as in I ...

Dallas Sucks Mug - September 29, 2007

Get your Dallas Sucks mug today and drink from it during this Sunday&8217;s game!!!!!! Impress all your friends. On sale now at CafePress for $13.99 - Click Here to Buy

Sounds From Inside The Huddle: Eagles, Giants, Dallas, Bush - September 26, 2007

Fromthe Eagles&8217; Huddle: &8220;Bird-64-Stunt-Right-3Yard-Out-Route-Flat&8221; Fromthe White House Huddle: &8220;Draw-Trap-Reverse-Slant-Hook-End-Around-Sweep-Iran-On-3&8243; From the Giants&8217; Huddle: &8220;Oh what&8217;s the point.&8221; From the Packers&8217; Huddle: &8220;Just go long or something.Ya seenmy gun&8221; From the Dallas Huddle: &8220;Chick-In-Blue-Romo-Sign-D12-Large-Chest-On-Right&8221; From thePatriots&8217; Huddle: &8220;Did we get their plays yet&8221; From the Vick...

11 Facts You Didnt Know About The Eagles And NFC East - September 25, 2007

Fact, Brian Westbrook is the Rodney Dangerfield of running backs. Fact, Donovan McNabb played with cheeseburger power against the Lions. Fact, Juqua ThomasisThe New Freak (without dumb penalties). Fact, Andy Reidchallenges Frodoto a thumb-wresting Best of Three throwdown, Frodo beats Reid, Frodo gets ring. Fact, EaglesdresslikePower Rangers, Eagles win. Fact, Jeremy Shockeyis Maximus Prime. Brian Westbrook isUltimate Bumblebee. Fact, Tom Coughlin ...

Gorilla Eat Lion At Linc On Sunday - September 24, 2007

by Gorilla Joe Lion no king of jungle. Gorilla score many points. Make Lion roll over. Href. Bunkleybang Kitna on turf. Joe eat banana. Make Rhea eat banana. Cheer. Ar-umpf. Nabbmake Joehappy. Passgood.Joemake fans mad. Pass gas. Gorilla gasbad. Win big in first half. Fans no care. Game over first half. Href. No get Westbrook hurt. Joe tell ...

Andy Reid Comes To The Linc As The Phillie Phanatic, Spurs Team - September 23, 2007

Driving a go-cart erratically across the 50-yard-line, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid came onto Lincoln Financial Field as the Phillie Phanatic shortly before the game with the Detroit Lions on Sunday. &8220;It surprised everybody,&8221; said Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson. &8220;Words can&8217;t describe the delight with which we watched him drive out of the tunnel.&8221; In a ...
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